Report 2021 sul progresso in materia di sostenibilità

Promises delivered for customers, people and the planet.

Accelerating change alongside our customers

In 2021, eROI projects led to more than
$750 million globally in total value delivered

Storie di partnership con i clienti

See how we deliver an exponential return on investment, or eROI, for our customers.

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Here’s how our partnership helped empower
our customers this year:

Helping to Deliver Sustainability-Driven
Outcomes for Our Customers

We help customers prioritize sustainability while advancing operational goals.

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Our commitment to our values guides our actions in our own operations

Protecting the Planet

Blue river winds through verdant forest reflecting Ecolab commitment in corporate sustainability report

Moving swiftly
toward our goals

2021 was a year of great progress toward our ambitious 2030 Impact Goals.

Together we’re working to protect the health of people, our planet and businesses everywhere

Rapporto sulla sostenibilità aziendale 2019
processo eROI

Our eROI value approach measures the impact we deliver for our customers and helps them achieve their business and sustainability goals.

Obiettivi di impatto 2030

We’re committed to helping our customers address the growing challenges around water, food, health and climate.