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EOP max² Heat Exchanger
The natural evolution of the winning EOP design

The EOP max² is a heat exchanger designed to achieve highly heat recovery efficiency and handle highly contaminated water. It uses a series of rotating disks to maximize the heat exchanging surface and prevent build up of deposits from the dirty effluent. L'acqua fresca è perfettamente separata dall'acqua sporca tramite superfici in acciaio inossidabile. The EOP max² distinguishes itself through its high efficiency tuned at 65-75%, its low maintenance costs and its high flexibility due to the possibility to replace single disks.

  • Multiple gasketed disks rotor
  • Presettable speed with inverter controlled acceleration
  • Lowest pressure loss on primary circuit due to pumping action
  • Gravity fed
  • Low pressure loss on secondary circuit rotor fully electropolished
  • High rotational speed

For more Information, please download the EOP max² Data Sheet

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